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Did you know that Dan Burghardt Insurance could save you time and money by handling your title transfers as well as your auto insurance?

That’s right, you can purchase your insurance and get your title transfer done in one quick and easy step. So before you stand in line for hours at the DMV, ask for a free title transfer quote on the following:

  • autos;
  • boat trailers;
  • classic cars;
  • heavy equipment trucks;
  • motorcycles;
  • mobile homes;
  • motor homes;
  • RVs;
  • trailers;
  • trucks; and
  • utility trailers.

We offer Title Transfer services to everyone. Services include:

  • acts of donation;
  • dual transfers (two transfers at one time);
  • duplicate titles;
  • lost titles;
  • newly purchased;
  • personalized plates;
  • transfers relocating here with out-of-state plates; and
  • used vehicles.

We have convenient and competitive Auto Insurance and Title Transfer Packages, saving you time, money, and gas by preventing you from being frustrated after waiting long periods of time at other facilities without proper paperwork and/or proof of insurance. So why would you go to two different places, when we can do it all at Dan Burghardt Insurance?

Be aware of title quotes excluding notary charges that will be added at point-of-service! Any extremely low title quote probably does not have these charges included. We recommend that you call the title company and verify that your quote includes all charges, including notary fees.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Title Transfers

What documentation do I need?

  • You need an original title signed by both seller and buyer;
  • a Bill of Sale or dealer’s invoice containing description of vehicle (include VIN #);
  • a copy of both buyer and seller’s driver’s licenses;
  • proof of insurance (if none, we make it available); and
  • the agency does the rest.

What must my Bill of Sale contain?

Your Bill of Sale must contain:

  • a clear depiction of who the seller is and who the buyer is;
  • a description of the vehicle including the serial (vin)number;
  • the purchase price of the vehicle;
  • the phrase “as is”;
  • signatures of three people: a buyer, a seller, and a witness;
    I, Joe Brown, am selling a 1985 Ford Mustang (vin #1FABP23X456B45678) as is, for the sum of $1500.00 to Jim Jenkins on March 5, 2000.
  • Notary services are included with all title transfer services.
  • Drive to the nearest location of Dan Burghardt Insurance Agency where a friendly representative will gladly assist you.

What do I need for a donation?

  • You need the same for an Act of Donation as in a title transfer;
  • a completed donation form;
  • for non family-related Acts of Donation, you must have both parties present to legally complete the transaction. An exception may be made based upon circumstances, please inquire; and
  • a Dan Burghardt representative will complete the rest!

What does the agency do for me?

  • At Dan Burghardt Insurance, we take the guesswork out of finding which are the correct forms to use;
  • obtain the NADA book value for correct taxation of vehicle;
  • find the correct tax table so that you are not overcharged;
  • notarize all necessary paperwork;
  • immediately issue a temporary license plate and registration;
  • contact you, usually within two weeks, to pick up your license plate and registration;
  • and provide you with a professional friendly sales associate to assist you in completing all necessary paperwork.

I purchased a vehicle from another state; what do I do?

  • You call Dan Burghardt Insurance Agency for a free insurance quote before getting behind the wheel of your vehicle;
  • obtain a bill of sale from place of purchase or person;
  • drive to one of five convenient locations of Dan Burghardt Insurance Agency;
  • and sit with a friendly professional that will assist you in completing the title transfer.

I purchased a vehicle in-state from another person; what do I do?

  • You obtain a signed bill of sale from the seller;
  • call Dan Burghardt Insurance Agency for a free title transfer and insurance quote;
  • and drive to one of our five convenient locations.

How is my tax rate figured?

You are taxed based on the selling price of the vehicle. This is stated on the bill of sale.


  1. On 1992 or newer vehicles, you must use 25% of NADA retail value of vehicle for tax purposes.
  2. On 1991 and older, you must use whatever the bill of sale states as the selling price.

Why do I need proof of insurance for a title transfer?

  • You need proof of insurance because Louisiana law requires every driver to have automobile liability insurance;
  • minimum requirements are 10/20/10 bodily injury and property damage (effective Jan. 1, 2010 minimum limit to increase to 15/30/25);
  • failure to show proof of insurance can result in fines or a suspended license and/or flags;
  • v

What happens if I don’t carry insurance?

  • Driving without proof of auto insurance will result in fines, suspended license, and the towing of your vehicle if caught on the road without the minimum insurance coverage of 10/20/10, which will change January 1, 2010 to 15/30/25.
  • Louisiana insurance law, “No-Pay No-Play” disqualifies anyone who does not carry mandatory liability from receiving claim payments for bodily injuries and property damages in an automobile accident. By not carrying liability insurance you in turn are not covered by anyone else’s insurance.

What do I do to avoid a flag on my license?

  • After transferring titles, if you decide to cancel your policy or delete a vehicle from your policy, your insurance company is required to report directly to DMV within ten days, without explanation. Bring the plates or the bill of sale to the DMV. By keeping the DMV up-to-date, you will avoid future flags & fines.
  • If your vehicle is sold, traded, junked, totaled, returned to lender, repossessed, or registered out-of-state, provide proof within ten days to DMV.
  • A flag due to a lapse needs proof of insurance brought to DMV in order for them to clear cancellation. Usually there is a fine that increases based on the number of lapses that have occurred on the vehicle.


  1. Convenience.
  2. We save you time, money, and gas.
  3. Our professionals make sure you bring all the proper paperwork to complete the transaction with one visit and not multiple.
  4. Auto Insurance with Title Transfer Package Discount.
  5. We properly advise you how to avoid a DMV flag from happening.
  6. DMV stops taking customers at 3:30 and closes at 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.
  7. Convenient hours: 9 to 5:30 PM Monday - Friday; Saturday 9 -3 PM.
  8. On the biggest car sales day of the week (Saturday), the DMV is closed.
  9. Both a temporary license plate and registration are issued immediately.
  10. Assistance with a bill of sale, if none exists.

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